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The monthly fee covers 4 hours of scheduled coaching sessions each month (once per week) plus unlimited brief check-ins as needed. Can be split into two payments, just inquire!


Coaching Session One: Get to Know Yourself Intimately (Tree of Life)

In this first session we break down everything that makes you, you, your values, your morals/ethics, strengths, weaknesses, passions, fears, desires, boundaries, goals, limitations, current enviornments, even your personal preferences.


Coaching Session Two: Mind Mapping

We take all the traits from our first coaching session, break them down into groups/categories, compartmentalize and analyze how we can use them to your benefit and how they can fuel your life in positive ways filled with meaning and purpose.


Coaching Session Three: Brick Building

One we have a solid mind map prepared for execution, we will then discuss how to move forward step by step and what steps can be taken each and every day, laying small bricks in order to get your desired results. We will work with the 80/20 rule figuring out which tasks desreve the majority of your time and will produce the most results. It's also a time when we would start to talk about these things with people we trust, sharing our ideas with them continuing to build our confidence.


Coaching Session Four: Breaking Limitations

Usually by this point my clients are now faced with choises that will push them out of their comfort zone. Because we have taken the time to build a strong foundation during this session we are able to re affirm the confidence and trust in the choises we have made thus far/that have led us to this very moment.


Personal Development Coaching