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The monthly fee covers:

  • 4 hours of scheduled check in coaching sessions each month (once per week) 
  • Personal nutrition plan based on current goals including meal planning and preparation information and tips based on your personal nutrition plan
  • Unlimited brief check-ins as needed
  • Can be split into two payments, just inquire!


The monthly fee covers 4 hours of scheduled coaching sessions each month (once per week) plus unlimited brief check-ins as needed.


Coaching Session One: Get to Know Yourself Intimately (Tree of Life)

In this first session we break down everything that affects your well being (physical, mental, emotioanl, spiritual).


Coaching Session Two: Digestive Health and Wellness

Together we put together a nutrion plan based on your current goals that also help aide in restoring and supporting the digestive system as a whole.


Coaching Session Three: Cell Health and Wellness

One we have a solid nutrtional plan we started, we can then start to incorporate other key nutritonal elements that will help the cells all over your body thrive and have more energy.


Coaching Session Four: Building A Wellness Lifestyle

Usually by this point my clients are comfortable with handling their own nutrition with some guidance from myself so I focus more on other elements that are conducive to a healthy lifestlye and encourage my clients not to focus on food, but wellness as a whole.

Nutrition Coaching

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