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Venus in Virgo

September 24th: Venus moves through Virgo until October 17th

Venus is currently in the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra (SUN)

and will move into Hasta Nakshatra (MOON) on October 2nd

and then Chitra Nakshatra (MARS) on October 13th

*Each Nakshatra is ruled by a different planet so take their influences into consideration as well

Anytime we're addressing Venus and it's movement through a sign of Nakshatra we're considering things like romance, love, marriage, attraction and sexuality. But the most important aspect of the planet Venus is how we show up for ourselves and how we show unconditional love to ourselves first, in order to do the same for others.

I often find that many are fixated on external forms of love when in reality once we create a love for ourselves internally, a love for ourselves that is unshakable we realize that we no longer need to "look" for love/romance but instead it finds us.

As Venus moves into Virgo and it's various Nakshatras this is a time to reflect on what kind of partner we want in this lifetime and embody that persona first so we can align with our true counterpart. If we take the time to study what we need out of a partner and become that for ourselves first, we are able to attract the same qualities in another person.

What are the conditions you need for a partnership? This is the time to get nitty gritty and figure out what you need.

This is not a time to make any hasty decisions or overindulge as Venus is debilitated in Virgo, it's a time to sit back, reflect and plan. Think about the choices in love you've made in the past and if you're in a relationship think about the choices you've made in your current relationship. Do they align with what you need out of a partner?

Virgo is slow and steady but can also be very critical of self and a perfectionist, so as you reflect on these past relationships and the love you've shown or failed to show yourself, release any guilt or hurt. Keep yourself mentally fluid and gracious to any thoughts that may arise.


  1. Competitive nature vs embodying unconditional love within and for ourselves

  2. Forgoing ethics to find love/romance vs staying true to your values and what you need out of a partnership

  3. Be mindful of the environment you surround yourself with as you're going to be doing reflection

  4. Using desire as primary motivation, because we're reflecting on what we need out of a partnership or what we desire, careful not to act on those desires immediately, this is a time to plant seeds.

  5. Manipulation/Seducing others to get what you want

Om Shanti

Sierra Divinely

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