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Sun in Virgo: Intellectually Creative Brainstorming For Spiritual Fulfillment

Vedic/Jyotish Astrologer Sierra Divinely

Friday September 16th: Sun moves through Virgo until October 15th

The sun is currently in the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra (SUN)

and will move into Hasta Nakshatra (MOON) on September 27th

and then Chitra Nakshatra (MARS) on October 11th

*Each Nakshatra is ruled by a different planet so take their influences into consideration as well

Anytime we are addressing the Sun, its movement through a sign or nakshatra and its affect on our daily lives, what we are assessing is not only our ego and self esteem but also our soul and what lights our soul on fire.

When we are doing something that aligns with our heart and soul we will naturally feel our most confident. And with this natural confidence that we have created internally from within, we no longer need any external validation. We are easily able to bring harmony to any imbalances that may occur within our ego and self esteem.

Pursuing and engaging in experiences that speak to and align with our soul and highest nature, gives us a new found vitality and a new way of living giving us a radiance within our selves that we have never experienced before.

Personal charisma is enhanced and everything seems to come naturally. Our courage becomes limitless and fear no longer holds us back.

We are able to do things we never thought possible for ourselves.

That is the power in aligning with your soul.

As the Sun moves through Virgo and the various Nakshatras, we want to take this time to tap into and nurture our creative gifts and intuition in order to map out how we can use these natural, God given abilities to achieve what we desire out of life.

Because Virgo is ruled by Mercury our main focus is to consider and make a plan for how we can express and pursue our passions, goals and desires by effectively communicating them with others. This takes confidence and the more fine detail planning and preparation we do, the more natural it will feel speaking about whatever it may be in your life.

To embody Virgo, we want to be practical and analytical and take into account all the necessary details and prepare for the best and worst before we execute or communicate any ideas that we have. We want to be able to embody a learning oriented and strategic personality during this period in order to be open to new ideas and how we can use them during this effectively.

Naturally you are going to feel ambitious, full of ideas, restless, excited and ready to execute, but let that energy build, the key is to wait and be patient during this time. Use the energy to build and plan a strong foundation in order to achieve your utmost desires and goals.

Focus Points













  1. Competitive nature VS deeply connecting with self

  2. Forgoing ethics to gain success; Because we're using desire as our primary motivation we need to be careful to keep our morals and values in check - work hard, be patient, plan before executing, go slow and steady to gain what you desire out of life

  3. Be open to any new ideas during this time, no “my way or the highway” mentality, we want to be fluid in our thought process and receptive to everything around us

  4. Watch for being overly critical of yourself during this time, this is a learning and brainstorming period, take any ideas that may come to you, make multiple different plans/options/routes, right now you're preparing for the next steps and preparing to be ready for whatever life may throw at you during the next steps

  5. If you feel like you're starting to get overwhelmed, take a step back, work smarter not harder and try looking at the situation from a different angle or a new perspective

  6. Be mindful of the environment you're surrounding yourself with at this time, you're brainstorming and planning for the future, you want nothing but positive influences surrounding you

  7. Watch for self indulgent behavior during this time, especially sexually; Because we're planning based on our desires they can begin to take over and we may tend to manipulate or seduce others to get what we want quickly instead of taking it slow and steady and doing the work, remember we're putting in the hard work and not executing right now.

  8. Think before you speak or just shut up; Because we have so many new ideas and routes we are excited about and are getting ready to execute/try we may be prone to speaking before thinking and not knowing when to shut up, just because we have all these new ideas and inspiration doesn't mean we can/should speak on them right away, creative inspiration needs to be nourished so don't feel the need to go around sharing/boasting all your newfound inspiration, keep it sacred to yourself and sit on it for a little bit.

  9. We may become bored easily during this time because of how much fine detail planning we're going to be doing and it may start to feel monotonous towards the end, it's only a short cycle, you can stick it out knowing you're doing to the work to build a strong foundation for your future.

The sun will be moving through a specific house based on your rising sign and birth chart.


Aries Rising

6th House: House of Opposition

Enemies or people who compete with us, acute sickness/injuries/surgeries/physical pain, debts, litigation/courts, break of relationships, day to day grind or work

Taurus Rising

5th House: Creativity and anything we create

Children (an important thing we create), imagination, emotions (especially romantic ones), memory, fluid intelligence, speculation, competition, past life good Karma, higher education

Gemini Rising

4th House: Mother/motherland

Place of residence, vehicles, fixed property, agricultural or other real estate, emotions and happiness, luxuries, private life and feelings, comfort (or lack of it), peace of mind

Cancer Rising

3rd House: Siblings (especially younger ones)

Neighbors and surrounding people/first childhood connections, hobbies, communication and things used for communication, singing/dancing, short distance travel, short term goals, zeal to work and activity levels, sexual prowess and activity

Leo Rising

2nd House: Primary house of Wealth

Assets, material possessions, family of the person, speech, general eyesight

Virgo Rising

1st House: The person themselves

General health/immunity/vitality and overall well-being and success, place of birth, general characteristics of person physically, general characteristics of a person mentally (behavior wise), thinking and the mind, starting or beginning of events

Libra Rising

12th House: Letting go

Loss/expense, isolation, imprisonment, loss of movement (hospitalization), loss of freedom (imprisonment), deep emotions, grief/sadness, hidden life including sleep & sexual/ bedroom activity, far off-isolated places and long distance travel and settlement, dreams/meditation and meditative state, spirituality/intuition/psychic visions, lack of materialism, hidden strengths and weaknesses, hidden enemies, sleep related diseases

Scorpio Rising

11th House: Gains/Income

Rewards from work/job, promotions, wealth house (especially fluid wealth), long term desires/goals and their fulfillment, elder siblings, social circle/friends and social interaction, desires and ambitions, recovery from disease

Sagittarius Rising

10th House: Career/status in life

Job/career, public life, external manifestations of our work, fame/prestige/honor/rise in life, Karma (our actions), energy levels at work, image at work, powerful positions like politicians/CEOs/Director of institutes, management related positions

Capricorn Rising

9th House: Father/Guru

Guru, Boss/employer, destiny, luck, higher education, temples, research, crystallized intelligence – this implies belief/ religion, spirituality, meditation, long distance travel, foreign travel, good deeds of previous lives, blessings and divine help, house of wealth (Laxmi), abstract thinking, crossing intellectual boundaries into new cultures/ beliefs/ faith, foreign residence, publishing

Aquarius Rising

8th House: Transformations

Obstacles, turnarounds in life/sudden events, tragic/serious accidents and injuries, chronic diseases, death and death like events, deep emotions and turmoil, degenerate habits like addictions to drugs/alcohol/smoking, regenerate habits – detachment from materialism or success, hidden things - occult/ metaphysics, deep research or deep dive analysis of any area (trying to uncover hidden things), loans or unearned money like legacies/inheritance, change of lifestyle/residence/job or other activity, mental anguish/despair/hopelessness

Pisces Rising

7th House: Relationships

How we relate to people, legal contracts/business partnerships, marriage/spouse and married life, foreign residence or a residence far from birth town, sexuality and sexual habits

Om Shanti (eternal peace for all of mankind)

Sierra Divinely

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