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New Moon in Uttara Phalguni; Virgo

September 25th 2022 by Vedic Astrologer Sierra Divinely

This new moon in Virgo will be in the Uttara Phalguni Virgo Nakshatra ruled by the Sun.

Anytime we are addressing the Sun and its affect on our daily lives, what we are assessing is not only our ego and self esteem but also our soul and what lights our soul on fire.

Virgo is the 6th sign, representing the 6th house, our house of daily routine, health and hygiene. This is a crucial time for purification of the soul and it's important to take advantage of it. Purge anything that no longer is serving your soul so you can embody the person you've always been without doubt or fear.

Because Virgo is ruled by Mercury our main focus is to consider and make a plan for how we can express and pursue our passions, goals and desires by effectively communicating them with others. This takes confidence and the more fine detail planning and preparation we do, the more natural it will feel speaking about whatever it may be in your life. It takes courage to be magnificent.

This new moon encourages us to embrace a playful and artistic yet practical attitude towards life moving forward. Take some time for pleasure, rest and rejuvenation in the next days leading up to the new moon.

Uttara Phalguni:

1. Charisma - embrace who you are on the deepest levels and embody that person every day

2. Planning - Make sure your plans are well-thought-out and you execute them systematically, using both fluid and crystallized intelligence based on personal experiences.

What needs to be released during this new moon

1. Your conviction in your own correctness can make you think you’re better than others, release always being right and embrace making mistakes, they make you more relatable.

2. Feelings of restlessness and difficulty sticking with something if it ceases to catch your interest. When your intellect isn’t stimulated, it's easy to get bored.

3. How you cope with feelings of loneliness - distracting vs embracing

4. Dropping the “My way or the highway” mentality, be more flexible to new ideas moving

5. Trying to control everything vs accepting and knowing

There is no need for control when you know that every decision you make is a constructive (vs destructive) decision that benefit your highest nature. Know that everything will work out in your best interest and consciously making these decisions IS the way you gain control. Once you know this, you can flow through life and whatever it brings you.

Prosperity is achieved through union and this is exalted during this time. Connecting with people who nurture your soul and speak to your heart are foundational for any prosperity in life. Do the people in your life support you? Do you they genuinely care for you? Do they cheer you on? Think about the people in your life and if they deserve that spot.

Pitru-Paksha: The Legacy of Past Generations

September 10th until the 25th is a profound window within the year for communicating with spirit realms and departed ancestors ending on the New Moon and before Navarati begins on the 26th. Take the remainder of this time to connect deeply with lost ancestors and let them be your guides moving forward.

'A poet, versed in art, fond of truth, and a scholar'


Sierra Divinely

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