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Got Cramps? You are what you absorb - not what you eat.

Updated: May 27, 2022

I had been on the birth control pill since high school; my OB told me it would regulate my menstrual cycle - how amazing right? I’d also been dealing with iron and anemia issues at the time so this all took a huge toll on my developing body.

I’d go to high school and college nauseous, feeling faint and light headed like I was going to pass out. I was an athlete so my these issues paired with excessive exercise, completely exhausted my body. And when my period did come it was painful, so painful I’d often have to call out of school because I couldn’t bear to sit through the pain.

Fast forward to when I got pregnant at 23 and knew I did not want to be on any form of birth control after my pregnancy. I was going to learn everything I needed to know about how to create a healthy regulated menstrual cycle without the need for birth control.

I wanted to get to know my body on a intimate level.

The very first and most beneficial thing I did for my menstrual cycle was restore, revitalize and heal the tissue and cells of my digestive system in order to fix my digestion and absorption issues.

There are certain nutrients and minerals that our uterine and muscle tissues need to function properly - more specifically calcium and magnesium.

Point blank, if your system is struggling to digest the food you consume, it’s also struggling to absorb and utilize those nutrients.

So even if we are consuming copious amounts of the necessary nutrients, if our digestive lining is filled with damaged tissue causing leaks and toxic build up or your dealing with an acid secreting disease of the stomach that affects your digestion, those nutrients aren't doing our system any benefit.

You are what you absorb, not what you eat.

Flourish Probiotic

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Looking at the big picture, you can easily see how poor absorption of the food we eat due to a damaged gastrointestinal tract can lead to serious issues within our body and brain.

The majority of our system’s immune cells are located in our gastrointestinal tract so it’s vital that we take the time to nurture it’s delicate balance, in order for systems to function properly and efficiently.

The gut–brain axis is the two-way signaling that takes place between the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord)

So, what’s important to remember is that it goes both ways:

The brain affects your gut.

The gut affects your brain.

Trillions of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, protozoa, and fungi— as many as the number of human cells in our bodies and weighing approximately four pounds—inhabit our intestinal tract.

The human gut contains on average: 40,000 bacterial species, 9 million unique bacterial genes and 100 trillion microbial cells. These hundred trillion microbes render us a walking, breathing ecosystem.

Collectively known as the gut micro biome, these microbes help us metabolize nutrients and protect us from harmful bacteria and toxins. In addition to microbes, the gut-brain axis involves the vagus nerve, hormones, immune cells, neurotransmitters, and metabolites, all of which work together to allow back and forth communication between the gut and brain. Most of the microbes are in your large intestine, but they thrive in your mouth, on your skin, and even in your bloodstream.

The micro biome affects your gut, which affects your brain.

The brain affects your gut, which affects your micro biome.

If we are restoring and building a strong micro biome we’re sending positive signals to the brain. The most important thing we can do to make sure our brain is sending positive signals back to our digestive system is to not stress, get some sunlight and relax, spend time with loved ones and do things that call to your soul (these are all positive forms of vagal nerve stimulation i.e. Your nervous system/brain)

On the next part of this series I'm going to talk about my top 4 other whole food supplements for restoring a damaged intestinal lining and healing leaky membranes - Colostrum, Gelatin/Collagen and Colosan.

Take care, be well and sending all my love.

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