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Weekly Horoscopes

A note on entering Virgo Season

A (seemingly) extended period of learning how to sit with the lesser known parts of ourselves, the parts we don't always want to look at, is coming to an end.

We've been purging outdated and negative thought patterns that no longer serve our well being and beginning to integrate new ones.


This is opening doors for us that we never even knew existed.

During this cycle that's now closing out we became the alchemist of our lives and learned how to not only release but utilize those feelings that overwhelm us and transmute them into the creative energy our soul yearns for.

That's the power of alchemy and the power of getting to know yourself on the deepest levels.

These feelings are inevitable and often come when we least expect it. They can teach us sacred knowledge that pertains to us and our path only.

by Vedic Astrologer Sierra Divinely

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