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Aligned Personal Training
by Sierra Divinely

Researchers from Orlando Health say close to one in five people (18%) say they often experience pain while exercising and the same percentage also habitually push through the pain rather than addressing the root causes of where the pain stems from.


My personal training program is a little different than others because it requires you to be barefoot. One of my foundational pillars of strength is foot and ankle strength and unfortunately wearing any type of shoes limits the range of motion needed to really strengthen the foot and ankle.


Everything begins at the foot. Your feet are your platform and base point for your posture, how you stand when the body is not in motion but also when the body is engaged in any type of movement. Would you rather have a weak, thin base with little range of motion or a wide, strong base that is able to adapt to different ranges of motion as needed. There are just certain ranges of motion you are not going to reach if you are wearing shoes and that's how injuries can occur.

At Aligned Personal Training we provide mobile Personal Training and Kickboxing Training in Ventura County and Western Los Angeles Counties. We specialize in reducing chronic pain and inflammation by correcting foot stance, posture, strengthening the spine and increasing joint mobility. As a mobile personal trainer, I can meet clients at their point of need, in the comfort of their home or desired location to provide specialized fitness and nutrition plans.

My services aim to reduce the effects of weak feet leading to incorrect posture resulting in poor spine alignment. By helping clients correct first their foot stance, then address head, neck, shoulder and hip placements as an entire system we are helping realign and strengthen the spine as well as each of the above mentioned areas and reduce any pain that may occur in these areas while exercising.

By also increasing the mobility of joints and their specific movements, we effectively reduce any chronic joint pain and inflammation that may occur when working out. We also specialize in Kickboxing, and Self Defense skills that can be implemented into each workout.


My goal is to train your body to learn how to adapt quickly and easily to new ranges of motion. By training our muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints how to move properly and efficiently and to adapt to changing movements our body does not struggle with any new ranges of motion the body may experience and is less prone to injury

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