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Meet the founder

sierra kurt
Sierra Kurt and an Event

Sierra had been coaching recreational gymnastics for over 6 years for children ages 2 all the way to 15 years old. She has worked with a variety of children with ASD and other disabilities in a group setting but began to notice the immediate and direct need for private fitness lessons for these particular children. She chose to walk away from a job she absolutely loved and adored to start this business of her own.

Sierra also a practicing Vedic/Jyotish Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Philosopher, Ordained Minister and also currently studying Reiki. She provides numerology reports, birth chart analyses and personal Tarot readings based on current astrological transits. The Tarot readings fall into four different coaching and counseling categories, career and finances, love and other relationships, passion and creative projects as well as general life advice.

Sierra also hosts various volunteer and charity events.

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