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We've reached a point where we stopped befriending and listening to what our body's are trying to tell us. 


Eating, health and nutrition should be intuitive based on the individual but we've learned to suppress our cravings and label them as dangerous. Taking on fad, extreme, and blanket fix it all diets have plagued the modern world and it's time for a major shift in taking our health back into our own hands, confidently.

How many times have you been to the doctor just to do the entire run around only to be sent to another doctor and eventually months have gone by and you still never have come close to the conclusion of what has been making you feel like crap all the time. Too often I recall feeling like garbage, heading to the doctor, getting a run around, usually having to get a referral to another doctor and so on and so forth. Many times I remember leaving feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, like something was wrong with me.


But doctors weren't understanding what was wrong with me because they weren't in my body experiencing it.

It can be extremely difficult to accurately express how you're feeling when you don't even know how to describe it yourself. And let's be honest, we're not always the most truthful with our doctors about our day to day lives. Because the thing is, you know your body better than anyone. You know every trauma it's been through. Every injury. Every workout. Every joyous moment. Every nervous moment. When you feel anxious. When you feel sore. When you feel drained. 

We know our bodies best.


And trust me when I say, it's trying to tell you things, and it's probably crying for help in the form of symptoms. 

So it’s time we stop outsourcing our health and stop asking others to tell us what’s wrong with our body and instead take the accountability to figure it out ourselves. Because really in the end it all comes down to accountability.

The goal of all my coaching and programs is to teach you to learn about your own body and to confidently know how to address any symptoms that may arise. Not only that but to understand why your body is sending you them as well. It's about listening to what our body is telling us and appropriately adjusting our daily regimen to integrating healing mechanisms that work with what it needs. 

Because there truly is no one size fits all band aid for every health issue, disease or disorder, and each person's health is extremely idiosyncratic to their entire lives.

Once we take that into consideration we can finally begin our own healing process.


Taking the time to understand how your body works and focusing on the fundamentals and very basics of physiology, we can then begin to understand what our body’s need to function and run efficiently. 

Once we give it the right ingredients, health is just something that comes along with it

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