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Sierra Kurt at Event

Divine Connections PR

Charity & Local Industry Events

Small Businesses and Community Focused

Sierra Kurt, Publicist/PR Manager and Event Coordinator

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Divine Connections PR & Events is a Ventura and Los Angeles based public relations company that specializes in small businesses and local talent PR.


Our areas of specialty are those who are looking to, not only make more networking connections but the right ones, lifetime clients if you will, and in turn, continue to expand to a wider audience by focusing on fundamental values and expressing these through various public actions and public events.


At Divine PR we inspire our clients to be the living embodiment of what they preach and the values they hold dear. By using various activities and involving the public and local community to convey and share your brands values and ideals with those around you, you are able to gain direct community support and ensure that we are not only staying true to ourselves but inspiring others to do the same. By focusing on the company’s specific set of values, we are able to reach a niche community, leveraging its competitive advantages and growing a steady and loyal client base.  Actions speak louder than words and at the end of the day, people respond more to what you do than rather than what you say.

“In Theory There Is No Difference Between Theory and Practice, In Practice There Is”

Strategies We Focus On

Business & Networking Events

Business and various networking events are opportunities to market your products or services and gain exposure for your brand. Whether hosted or attended by your company, events are important sales opportunities giving you a chance to meet prospective clients and deepen current connections face-to-face! Speaking engagements are also helpful for creating brand awareness and sharing your unique perspective and leadership role with data-driven information that can help elevate your brand!


Community Relations
Community relations refers to building positive and genuine relationships with the local community around your business. Through various volunteer, charity and other small local events like signings, meet and greets or workshops open to the public, you build a strong relationship with the community and strengthen your client loyalty.


Social Responsibility
Social responsibility is similar to community relations, but it places a greater emphasis on ethical business practices, locally, regionally, and globally. 


Crisis Management
You never sweep anything under the rug so it’s important to know how to acknowledge, manage, and work to simmer negative communication and perceptions surrounding a business crisis. Crisis management is an important function of PR and should be handled quickly, consistently, and strategically.


Employee Relations
Employee relations is the practice of cultivating a positive employee environment and perception of your company. This process may include dedicated employee newsletters or communications, employee perks and benefits, free training and skill-boosting opportunities and/or employee appreciation events. Employee relations not only keeps your employees motivated, hard-working, and loyal, but it also encourages them to advocate for your business — which can bring in both clients and more high-quality employees.


Influencer Relations
Influencers play a powerful role in PR and marketing and the influencer market was worth 13.8 billion in 2021, more than double its value in 2019. That includes micro-and nano-influencers, aka niche influencers who represent over 60% of Instagram influencers. We specialize in catering to finding your specific niche of clients and audience to bring in direct impact and recognition.


Media Relations
Media relations refers to building positive relationships with journalists, publications, and other news outlets. This process typically includes writing press releases, organizing press releases, and scheduling interviews. Not only does this gain exposure for your business and products but it also encourages the media to market your brand for free.


Social Media Marketing
For most companies, social media can be a helpful PR (and marketing) tool —it’s an effective way to amass followers, convert customers, share your content, and resolve crises. Whether you’re sharing a post with your audience or interacting with a single customer, your social media activity is open to the public. That’s why it’s critical to have a social media strategy that keeps your communications consistent, positive, and accurate.

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